ReamRaw - The Return

ReamRaw – The Return

“But do you miss me” asks the Raw one to begin his first song since the release of his winter mixtape “#WhenTheSnowFalls” in 2016. The answer was yes for many of us as we flocked to the new record. We were met with that Raw sound that only Ream can give us. Reminding us of his objective on the hook; expressing “Do it for the lord….do it for the souls”. Much like other artist with the similar goal, the path was not easy.

Ream reminds us of his humble beginnings with the ‘Christian rapper ‘title. Confessing “…but they downplay the skill cuz the lyrics Christian, I had to learn how to kill to get more attention, now I make killing look good like a mortician”. And he sure does. ReamRaw is back and he’s up to his usual tactics. Awww here he goes again.

Listen to ReamRaw – The Return:

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