September 27, 2020

“Changing the Culture 4 God” #Chh #Christianhiphop #tBK247

Rezin – “Criminal” Audio Music

Rezin - “Criminal” Audio Music

Rezin drops “Criminal” via Enoch Flow Record!

Rezin says, “I grew up in a Christian home and for the majority of my grade school and high school years (I was homeschooled), many of the people I encountered were like minded. When I reached college age, I expected to encounter the same “Christian bubble” at the church affiliated school that I attended. Instead, I was met with strong resistance to beliefs that I had previously thought were held by all Christians.

I was exposed to new ideas and challenges that I had not yet encountered and to the larger world as a whole. Attempting to share ideals found the Bible became much more difficult to do without some sort of push back or twisting. In addition, I was faced with questions and doubts that almost destroyed my faith as I tried to navigate college life and maintain my Christianity. However, through all of this, I am in the process of rebuilding a new a stronger faith with God’s help.

The song Criminal, is about the pull that a Christian feels from God and our sin nature. We know that we are sinners and cannot be perfect in the eyes of God without Jesus. Although we are saved, we still feel that guilt and pain from being a part of a sinful world. The world makes us feel just as guilty for living our lives according to the word and telling the truth.

Christian’s may feel like criminals on either side. Dwelling on this fact can make it hard to see the freedom that we have in Christ. We are no longer criminals in God’s eyes and are not imprisoned by our sin or worldly opinions. We have been redeemed through Christ and live free to speak the truth boldly and someday be with Him in eternal glory.”

Audio – Rezin – “Criminal”:


Rezin – “Criminal” Audio Music

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