Resin drops “Strike Force” via Enoch Flow Record

Rezin “Strike Force” featuring YehoshuaJone Audio Music

If you don’t know who Christian hip-hop Artist Rezin is, you will after hearing her debut single on Enoch Flow Record entitled “Strike Force”!

Music has always been a huge part of my life. It reflects my feelings, amplifies them, and helps me relate to others. Life is much less lonely when you feel that you can relate to others. Often, I have used it as an outlet for my frustrations and pains along my faith journey as well as a comfort that has often given me hope and motivation.

As an artist, I do not intend to be “like everyone else”. I believe that I am called to live a life drastically different than the world and hold to a faith that is not always easy. For that reason, I plan to challenge myself, the world, and even current CHH culture to ask the deep questions and not to confused popular opinion with Biblical fact.

This is what was going through my mind as I wrote the lyrics for “Strike Force.”

Christians are called to love but we are also called to be warriors against sin and our own flesh. That means fighting, not with our fists but unabashedly with the truth. We cannot confuse love with acceptance or we risk sending many down the wrong path. When the truth hurts and the world will do anything to keep it at bay, strong soldiers are needed to break in the kingdom.

Audio – Rezin “Strike Force” featuring YehoshuaJone:

Rezin “Strike Force” Audio

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