April 16, 2021


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Rockstar Jt, “Whippin’ Dat Work” (Feat. Surf Gvng)

Rockstar Jt, "Whippin' Dat Work" (Feat. Surf Gvng)

Montgomery native “Rockstar Jt” a pops on the scene “Whippin’ Dat Work” with a collective group out of Miami “Surf Gvng”. Jt grew up in west Montgomery, Alabama on the westside of the city in a neighborhood called Washington Park. Jt has seen a lot of stuff form his friends dying young to gun wounds and a lot of robbing and drugs. Jt does music so that he can shine light and bring hope to his community through his music and his life. He wants to equip people to spread hope instead of dope around his community and all the hoods over America. Jt drops single “Whipping’ Dat Work” talking about everyday problems in his community.

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JT Is A 17-Year-Old Rapper. He Is Bold About His Christian Faith, and currently lives In Montgomery, AL. He was raised in Highland Falls New York. Growing Up As A Troubled Kid JT Really Tasted grace. Now He’s Doing Ministry all Over the Country. “More Here

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