New Gospel /Praise & Worship from RoderickaSeaman entitled “We Cry Holy.” This song is breathtaking.

Audio Rodericka Seaman – “We Cry Holy”:

Artist Bio:

Rodericka Seaman was born in Bermuda now residing in the UK. Rodericka is a worship leader, songwriter, recording artist, and youth mentor. Rodericka had an epiphany, after deep reflection, and came to the realization that she had not fully committed herself to God. Since then, she made the decision to surrender her life to Christ. Her music is entwined with a heavenly sound and its lyrical elements draw focus on God’s gift of salvation and the realities of eternity. Rodericka’s debut single ‘The Cross’ produced by Elvis E. released the end of December 2016. On December 20, 2017, the newest single, ‘We Cry Holy’ was released also produced by Elvis E. This single serves much meaning, as she is reminded of who God is to her, no matter the circumstances. As Rodericka delves deeper into her journey, she continues to deliver the unique messages of God through her music.

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