September 23, 2020

“Changing the Culture 4 God” #Chh #Christianhiphop #tBK247

S.O. - Parker's Verse

It’s been almost a year since S.O. released So It Ends, and the Nigerian-born, London-raised rapper has been back in the studio creating new music.

Following up the release of his first summer single I See You – a track dedicated to all the godly women around the world but particularly his fiancée – Parker’s Verse is just a song where S.O. puts his emcee skills on display.

“Just a bit of bars over a G.P.-produced track,” S.O. said. “It’s been a while since I did that.”

The song gets its name from an encounter S.O. had while traveling.

“I met a kid in Hawaii named Parker. The song is named after him. He’s not even old enough to understand it, but when he gets older, he will know their uncle did something for them — solidified their name in music history,” S.O. laughed.


Straight bars no need for melodies/
My dad told me I’m the ones what you telling me/
Me and G 10-plus years here with the energy/
Still got the remedy dude serving a felony/
Told me he love SIC/
Bump that before HOV/
Come see his POV nothing to play with/
99 Neo scene stuck in the Matrix/
Still he can’t erase it/
Pill off in a spaceship? How in a cell/
It’s time to intercede in a season where sinners dwell/
Just thank God you breathing not leaving it to yourself/
If you give a man a reason to squeeze you’ll be Stringer Bell/
Friends turn to foes coz of fools gold/
I know many people but only a few close/
If you let me keep you and show you a few ropes/
You will see who is close to blood like they glucose/
They’ll muddy their shoes bro/
Tell a friend to a friend go beyond the surface/
If I was hungry GP open up his purses/
You can see it in my eyes I ain’t lying/
Now his son my son even though he ain’t mine/
And when I have mine it’s going be same/
Scoreboard at half time whose leading the game/
Doesn’t mean that they will later see the season change/
Add to the fuel to the fire hommie you can feed the flames/
I was in a daze, now my eyes open/
J was serving the fiends he was treating their itch like calamine lotion/
But now the CEO outspoken/
See that divine motion/
Noting but grace will blow your mind hoping/
For greatness/
Who is complaining/
When I’m sitting in first flight to Hawaii my God’s amazing/
Me and young Parker laughing away hoping he takes this/
And learns that uncle does more than hitting stages/
Its more than a stage show if I say so/
More than some peso’s or a caseload/
I’ll admit it lacked vision but now I get it/
Whether 9-to-5 or 9-to-9 man I’m driven/
Give me 99 plus one time is my witness/
What I’m given is what I’m given you can shine different/
I’m in it for the long haul though time’s ticking/
I just wanna hear well done servant when I’m finished/
Look, no fine women in my linen/
In this game you can lose your life for five minutes/
And i don’t wanna lose mine/
I remember when I was sleeping off in the futon I was writing a few rhymes/
But look at me now mama she proud/
Front row seats in the crowd how do we sound/
I’ll remind ya/
Tell young Sophie young S is beside her/
Tell the promoter no cider on my rider/
Stay sobered up/
So you know wassup/
Getting closer to Jehovah with the cobra clutch/
You can never be the same hommie if your soul touched/
Some say they woken up but they ain’t even woke enough/
Ain’t no shots when what you speak is real/
G like young S you need to chill/
I’ll say God bless and speak to still/
All gods fail only One named Jesus heals — gone

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