Salt of Tha Earth x Christ jr drops that heat on New Single entitled “My Time!”

Salt and Christ Jr display when God confirms that it’s your season, like the truth we shout it from the roof tops to draw all men to Jesus, giving Him all the GOD Glory. 1Body is the team!

Music Video – Salt of tha Earth x Christ Jr – “My Time”:

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Short Bio:

Matthew “Salt” Postell, is without question one of THE most prolific Christian Rap Artist of our time. Not only does he spit for Jesus, but he lives for Jesus. His commitment to Christ is evident in the way he loves his wife, fathers his children, runs his business and pours into the community via outreach opportunities.

Matthew’s journey began as a young boy, born and raised in Birmingham Alabama, under the watchful eye of his God-fearing mother. Because of his upbringing, Matthew was introduced to truth early, yet, chose to bathe in dirt.

Matthew’s choices ultimately landed him on the other side of a .38 caliber firearm. On that day, it became evident to Matthew that he HAD to change. God in his sovereignty, touched the heart of the gunman and spared Matthew’s life. This is when and where “Salt of tha Earth” was born!

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