September 24, 2020

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Greensboro, NC – Renew Your Mind Music owner and Christian Hip Hop artist Sam P. makes his return to the scene with the new single “Deny”. This is the first song since his very successful single “Put Down the Mask” dropped in 2019.

Dealing with witnessing a lack of empathy in regards to racial injustice along with working through personal struggles, Sam P. delivers a relevant dialogue in tune with today’s climate.

As he explains, “Deny’ is about my struggles, as a believer, to turn away from sinful habits and thoughts towards others. I don’t just want to be a Christian, I want to please God with all of my heart. As Jesus said in Matthew 16:24, ‘if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.’ To truly follow Christ, I must deny my wicked way of thinking daily and embrace the mind of Christ.”

“Deny” hits digital retailers on August 14, 2020.

The track features production by rising producer YJO of Enoch Flow Records.

Audio – Sam P. “Deny”:

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Connect with Sam P.

Connect with Renew Your Mind Records

Title: Deny

Artist: Sam P.

Release Date: August 14, 2020

Production: YJO of Enoch Flow Records

Label: Renew Your Mind Music

About Sam P.

Growing up in the small town of Middlesex ,North Carolina Samuel Arthur Pierce, known as Sam P, first came in touch with hip hop music through his childhood friend. Initially getting his influences from Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Big L, EPMD, Wu-Tang Clan, and Mobb Deep.

After dedicating his life to Christ in 2007 and committing to following Jesus, eight years later he was inspired to write rap music again with a different focus, giving honor to Christ. This time instead of making it a hobby, he decided to take it seriously now getting his influences from Andy Mineo, Lecrae, Trip Lee, and Bizzle. 

After talking with his wife and friend in 2015, Sam was encouraged to start his own music production business and independent label Renew Your Mind Music, formerly known as Renew Your Mind Records.

His purpose is to use hip hop music to encourage and inspire others through the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as a tool for evangelism to build meaningful relationships with other people young and old.

In the same year he started the label, Sam created his debut album ‘Renewed’ right in his home. After much studying and reading on mixing, mastering and making beats he co-produced and created the cover art to his seconnd album “Be Still” which was the start of his first hit single “Giantkiller” that was featured on the Trackstarz Line 4 Line podcast and YouTube channel. 

Sam has also been featured in MusicLov3rz Magazine, Shine Your Light Radio with Nancy Mattox, Rep Your City Praise Radio, and was nominated for male Gospel Hip Hop artist of the Year in 2018.

As an independent artist on his own label, father, and husband, Sam’s main focus is to please God and be the best representation of Him to his wife, kids, family, friends, and enemies.

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FiveTwenty Collective exists to unite those who support the CHH culture. The goal is for unity to spur an environment of Accountability, Constructive Criticism, Promotion, and Discipleship as we look to further the culture and the Kingdom.

Think of FiveTwenty Collective as an information resource both for fans of the culture and those on the inside alike. Get a closer look at CHH artists, learn about Platforms that are promoting CHH, and connect with those who offer Services that aide in expanding ministries.

CHH is a lifestyle built on faith, faith in Jesus Christ. At FiveTwenty Collective we are going to “speak to the people all the words of this life”. We are more than a community of creatives. We are a people, the Body, the Church, that has been charged with a very specific mission by the Son of Man. Are you willing to engage in carrying out this mission within our culture? Get involved in FiveTwenty Collective now!

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