October 25, 2020


Changing the Culture 4 God

Sam P – Not Today Satan

Sam P - Not Today Satan

This song is dedicated to the youth ministry C4 Youth Squad in High Point, NC.

I connected with this group of middle and high school students in 2017. The passion, and power of the Holy Spirit that He expressed through them was genuine!

The kids wear wearing t-shirts that say “Not Today Satan” which inspired me to write this song to youth all across the world to connect with Jesus, build a personal relationship with Him and make Him their main focus and He will show them their  true identity so they will not have to look for it in the media.

It is very rare that you see a group of young kids this day and age boldly standing for the gospel in a world where sex, money, image, peer pressure, and a lot more things heavily influence them.

Audio – Christian Hip-Hop Artist Sam P – “Not Today Satan”:

Short Bio:

Samuel Arthur Pierce born in Raleigh North Carolina and raised in Wendell and Middlesex North Carolina is a rap artist and producer from Greensboro NC that ministers to the public about the transformation Jesus Christ made in his life, the truth in love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the struggles in his life he has faced as a follower of Christ such as pornography, uncontrollable anger, fear, pride. Sam’s passion for Christian Rap music derived from seeing youth and young adults influenced by the negative impact of Hip-Hop culture and how the enemy uses that music to deceive them. In 2015 Sam founded the independent record label “Renew Your Mind Records” which is based on Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Sam believes that a daily process of the building a strong relationship with Christ through quiet time, consistent prayer, bible study, and church fellowship is the key to a faithful commitment in following Jesus Christ and fulfilling his will.

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