September 18, 2020

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Sean C. Johnson “Circa 1993” Album Review

Sean C. Johnson "Circa 1993" Album Review

As my eyes water and I hold back the tears to write my portion of this album review I want to say thank you Sean for your ministry on “Circa 1993.” It was truly remarkable how you shared your story and I could feel nothing but the glorification of The Lord in your music.

It was inspirational, truthful, knowledgeable, selfless, soulful, Spiritual and for me personally, it is Spiritual healing to my ears, mind, and soul.

Very seldom can an artist pull me into their story while I’m thinking about mine and Sean C. Johnson did that. The first track entitled “Mountains” is so spiritually healing for me after the loss of my grandmother but it didn’t start out that way. Let me explain.

I had been listening to the song for a few weeks daily. From the first time I listened to it in the morning to the last time I listened at night before bed, but I never heard what I heard today that ministered to my heart the way this song did today.

When I write a review I like to put each song on repeat in the earbuds and after listening to “Mountains” this particular day I started out feeling sad, angry and guilty and ended up crying my eyes out and then feeling healed! I had so many emotions running through my head that it was overwhelming for my heart and I hadn’t realized how many things I had hidden over the last few days, weeks and years.

I initially started feeling sad about the loss of my grandmother and I was angry because I felt like I could have been more available to her needs before she left here. I felt selfish and guilty and then I heard Sean sing soulfully, “I know sometimes the mountain’s hard to climb. We walk by faith and often times we’re blind. It’s working for my good is what they say, but I can’t see with all that’s in my way; why bother?” I was balling by now because my heart was hit hard with the loss of my grandmother and my faith and Spirit were in a disarray of uncontrollable emotions that I didn’t realize was there. It was like the matrix when everything slowed down and I finally realized after a few weeks that I was exhausted and hurt and weak. I questioned the strength of my faith and my walk because I felt like I should have been stronger in my weakness.

After the 10th or 12th replay! I thought about more than just my loss. I thought about the pressure I’m under at my job. I thought about our company and if my motives for elevation was Godly or selfish. I thought about my household and my family and how everyone always expects me to stay strong no matter what. From the church to my friends every day someone expects me to have solutions for there mountains and I get so caught up with everything that I sometimes forget about the mountains I have to climb. The ones I’ve created and the ones God has placed in front of me.

I know the song is about the loss of his mother in 1993 and from the lyrics to the guitar at the end of the song I could feel the pain in it, but I could definitely hear the healing and the teaching from every lyric to be able to get through anything in life. Even the mountains we create on our own free will to the ones that God wants us to go through we must give all of them to God so we can go higher! That’s the only way we can make it. The only way! I was healed by the seeds Sean planted in the lyrics of “Mountains” and I’m glad God watered them for me.

I was definitely feeling, “Nothing but a G Thing.” Music is so relaxing but very influential especially coming off of a tragedy. You get lost in the grove and the lyrics to escape everything going on in your life. Many people even become the music they’re listening too.

Being in the projects of Birmingham Al. I’ve seen it all to often were a good kid goes bad trying to do what the artist says he’s doing in his music at the time. With the surroundings of the ghetto and the pressures from their peers fueled with sinful lyrics and over-glamorous videos of money, sex, and power you could fall quickly. Thank God Sean got a little Kirk Franklin in his ears as he sung on the next track “Melodies.”

On the next track, “Redemption Song” featuring Armond Wakeup & Adam L. you start to hear the transformation of God watering seeds in Sean’s life!

Through the jazzy track and the soulful smooth voice, Sean delivers on the hook mixed with the passionate, meaningful heartfelt rap lyrics by Armond Wakeup & Adam L. you could tell JESUS was in the building!

For everyone reading and listening to “Redemption Song” I want you to remember how you felt when you accepted Jesus Christ into your heart. “Sweet Redeemer of my soul” is how I felt as Sean sung on the hook! I was so thankful for how God had His hands on me even when I didn’t have my eyes on Him. I knew then like I know now that I was unworthy of His love and I’m thanking God now for His gift for me! God sacrificed His only begotten son for me and there is nothing I can do to repay Him for that. But for God to love me no matter what I’ve been through or no matter what I’ve done is truly amazing! That same feeling pored over to with, “I Never Knew Him.” Outstanding Song!

From Mirrors to Magic & Kareem on the B side of Circa 1993, all I can say in my best Sean C. Johnson voice is, “Still some work for me to do. I think it’s time for job two. Step outside and see those D Boys rolling, stunting with their egos swollen and the radio I hear No Flex Zone.” Man!

I thought I was the only one with that struggle! That song is pure motivation to hold on and thank God for this check to check job I have. I get disgusted sometimes about my financial situation but I know God has a plan for me and anyone who was in the wilderness and is trying to hold on to The Vine Branch of Jesus keep holding on because God got us! We may struggle now but the goal is the Book of Life at the end of our earthly journey.

I love people who use their God-given talent for God & this album is officially BOOKKEEPER APPROVED!!!

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