September 18, 2020

“Changing the Culture 4 God” #Chh #Christianhiphop #tBK247

Serious Voice – Re-Introduction

Serious Voice - Re-Introduction

Serious Voice is back with Re-Introduction


RE-INTRODUCTION takes you back to memory lane: reminding you from where Serious Voice came and some of the hardships she had to endure as a child in Brooklyn. Re-Introduction borrows from the infamous Jay-Z song PSA, but seeks to point one to Christ.

Though very heavy in hip hop and basketball language ,the most prominent and pertinent line is “My melanin is confusing to some/ so substitute your ideology for understanding/ I’m under the blood not Brooklyn/”.

Audio – Serious Voice – “Re-Introduction”:

BIO (written by Michael Stover)

Brooklyn emcee Serious Voice carries every essence of BK and New York in every step she takes. Rooted in her Christian beliefs and her experiences growing up, Serious Voice brings the pain and hardship she’s dealt with and turned it into honest no holds barred hip-hop music. Inspired by the legendary Queen Latifah’s line in UNITY “Who you calling a b*tch” Serious Voice at a young age knew she wanted to take over the rap game.

Fast forward a few years and a mission trip to South Africa would have Serious Voice take the stage and garner a number of fans off top. This one opportunity mixed with her drive, led her to create her first two originals tracks and has our heroine performing all over the regions of New York: Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens and more.

Serious Voice’s childhood was filled with abuse, at home and absent parents which would harden any individual. These hardships pushed Serious Voice to live with her mother’s older sister and she was figure to instill confidence in our heroine to begin her artistic takeover.

This confidence and brutal honesty shines on every track we get from Serious Voice. There is no mincing of words here, if you can’t handle the heat, she’s going to give it to you anyway. Serious Voice would take this newfound confidence and unfortunately be met with rejection, that she almost believed. Enter “Shofar”. It’s a beautiful thing when the pain you face and endure leads you to clarity. “Shofar” is Serious Voice’s debut album and introduction as she weaves in and out of different sounds and lanes.

Still our heroine hadn’t reached her final form, we would see Serious Voice explode onto the scene gaining award nominations and collaborations that even I can’t speak on yet. Racking up over 20K streams in her tenure and rocketing toward 25K, Serious Voice is an embodiment of strength and passion that will not be moved.

Further, we would see Serious Voice perform on Sway In The Morning, SXSW, McDonald’s Gospel Fest with Tina Campbell, Hezekiah Walker & others earlier this year she would a show stop in Canada too. The Press couldn’t deny covering her either with Essence, Jam The Hype and making the cover of Refocused Magazine.

Serious Voice has shown and proven herself at every turn of her career and by the looks of it she is just getting started. In 2020 Serious Voice plans on releasing an EP called “Beautiful” that intentionally focuses on affirming Black women and showing gratitude to everyone who has supported her thus far. Serious Voice has stormed out of New York and is coming for your town next, don’t get left behind

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