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Social Media Marketing Services by theBookkeeper247.

Giving the artist and the labels the ability to reach more social presence through social media platforms. (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter.) #tBK247

theBookkeeper247 does not charge to share on all our platforms. However, we do offer the ability to boost your post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube for more views.

Prices: Social Media Post:

  1. 25$ per Platform on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  2. 65$ on Twitter: Twitter cost more to promote on is why we charge more to promote. They have a set rate of 50$ but Twitter is our best platform for results.

Podcast Interviews Promo:

  1. 15$ for promo for latest content of an artist or label you want to share on current or upcoming project.

More Details on Podcasts Interviews Promo:

Please read carefully…

Our interviews will be on all our social networks. This includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. We will also turn the visual interviews done on Zoom into an audio podcast that will be released on Anchor which will give us the ability to release on Spotify, Apple Podcast and etc.

In the audio is where the sponsored promotional from artists or labels will be placed. On the visual platforms like, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, a written promotional will be placed in the description.

That’s a steal for 15$!

Other Services:

  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter 30 second promo video + Featured on Home Landing Page for 1 week. 25$
  • Selfie Head Shot Drawing: Draw, Inked and Colored. 75$
  • Sidebar Ad on Each Post: 1 month 20$:
  • Package Deals Available. Just Ask.

Every post we post for 30 days your material will be added. Ex; Singles/ Album Release/ Music Audio/ Videos. We, by God’s Grace, release a lot of content in 30 days.

Make sure you let us know what platform you want us to boost your post on and if you just want to leave a seed of blessing for us feel free to do so as well. We will leave the PayPal link below. ([email protected])

You can choose multiple platforms as well and after you pay for the boost please send us back an email to verify so we can boost the right person post.(Screenshot)

PayPal is secure and that’s why we choose to use their platform. Cash App may be available for certain artist and different criteria’s.

Thank you once again and may God continue to bless you and your ministry!