Sevin Y.O.L.O ft. Datin

Sevin “Y.O.L.O.” ft. Datin

“I’m not a gambling man anymore but I’m willing to bet that Sevin and Datin has a different definition than the world does of the acronym Y.O.L.O.!

Hot Bars – Sevin 

“We kingdom building children so we stack it like a Lego/
Jehovah is the captain I get it crackin’ if He say so/
But it’s active where I’m at boy they’ll cap you like a payroll/
They spiritually dead I guess I’m passing out some halos”

Hot Bars – Datin

“So I was a slave in lucifer’s oppression
Hanging from a noose in his possession/
Until Yeshua revealed His truth and cut me loose from his deception/
It’s a life I didn’t choose this was predestined
The Father opened my eyes/
So bye bye He has cut all of my ties
And saved me from the fall like a parachute in a sky dive/
Til I die God has linked me up with these five guys/
GOM and our connection’s stronger than your Wi-Fi”

Watch Video to See What Y.O.L.O. Means –

“This is a album is a MUST BUY! BOOKKEEPER APPROVED!!! Go support Sevin “Purple Heart” album off God Over Money Records.


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