September 27, 2020

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Shep the shepherd – Quorban

Shep the shepherd - Quorban

Shep the shepherd releases his much anticipated full length debut, “Quorban.” With Sumndays, SurviVe Or DIE, Violets Or Violence and Bottled Sunshine already released Shep prepared you for an album all his fans will love.

Give it a listen and don’t forget to spread the love!

Listen to Quorban Here:

More on the title of the album, “Quorban” by Shep the shepherd.


Qorban (what you call sacrifice) was never the ONLY way to be close to HaShem, it was only A way.
Qorban translates in concept to a “drawing near to HaShem.” Most qorbans had nothing to do with sin at all – they were used to thank HaShem and also to try and draw nearer to Him spiritually.
The offer could be grain and sometimes was money (shekels) – disproving the fallacy that qorban required blood or that atonement was only through the blood.

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Scriptures for Quorban…

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