September 23, 2020

“Changing the Culture 4 God” #Chh #Christianhiphop #tBK247

Sherrod White – Ride (Official Audio)

Sherrod White - Ride (Official Audio) #CHH #bk247

About The Song:

When asked to describe the meaning and sound behind ‘Ride’, Sherrod White stated, “With Ride I just wanted to create a song that could be a soundtrack of hope for people who may be going through a hard situation. I wanted to let them know that you’re not alone and that God is present. The more you trust Him, the less you worry about the trials & tribulations you might be facing and you realize that he’s working it all together for your benefit and His glory. Sonically it’s a mix of live hip-hop with smooth jazz elements in it. It has 808’s, live bass and guitars, so it’s definitely pulling from several musical elements but it works beautifully together.”

Hot Lyrics:

I fast forward now no longer stuck in neutral
Grace appreciated cause I know what I done been through
Menu full of struggle but we made it through the famish
Never showing hate look around you see the damage
I done been to hell and back
Riding in this cadillac
Talking to the most high
Focused as he speaking back

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Song Credits:

Artist: Sherrod White
Song: Ride
Produced By: Sherrod White
Written By: Sherrod White
Drum Programming: Sherrod White & KDiamond Beats (Canon, Tory Starks)
Live Drums: Tone Jonez (Lecrae, Derek Minor)
Bass Guitar: Hakan Mavruk
Electric Guitar: Daniel LaRoche
Horns: Petar Milanovic
Keys: Tone Jonez
Synth: Brandon FairGame
Background Vocals: LaToya Vinson of V3
Mixed By: Sherrod White
Mastered By: John Webber of Airstudios
Artwork: Picture taken in Germany in 1988 (Sherrod, Dad, Older Brother)
Label: I Refuse To Be Normal
Release Date: 7/28/2017

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