Men’s “I Slayed Goliath” Beanie by theBookkeeper247:
The “i Slayed Goliath Today!” Collection makes a bold statement of faith and lets the world know with God’s help, “i Slayed Goliath Today!“

David and Goliath in the bible are where we grasp this epic statement for this collection, after reading the story of David in 1 Samuel 17. It is inspiring to know that no matter how big the obstacles may be. With God’s help, we can conquer anything!

“Sometimes God will put a Goliath in your life, for you to find the David in you.” Unknown #tBK247”

This authentic exclusive design beanie by Eric Ealons slogan is also a great conversation starter that allows believers to share their testimonies with perfect strangers.

Description of the Men’s “I Slayed Goliath” Beanie by theBookkeeper247:
This Beanie makes for a great staple piece in any wardrobe! It’s One Size Fits All classic fit with thick cotton fabric.

A snug, form-fitting beanie. It’s not only a great head-warming piece but a staple accessory in anyone’s wardrobe.
100% Turbo Acrylic
12″ in length