The soul singer/rapper from Washington, D.C. known as Shyne On Me, returns to the gospel scene with his latest single “Choices” featuring the multi-talented Kayla Starks off his newly released project titled “Barmonies: The Long Fall”. The two raspy, melodic artists mesh perfectly atop a mellow trap beat featuring heavy bass and soothing guitar strings. The song depicts Shyne On Me in a state of self-reflection considering his journey through life’s course. Throughout the song the artist seems to come to the realization that God’s hand has been guiding him even through some of his toughest storms. Featuring artist Kayla Starks appears on the hook with warm soulful vocals challenging listeners to make the decision to either “sit there and turn away” or “get up and make your bed” provoking a spiritual rise. The main theme here preaches perseverance, as we all have the choice of whether to succumb to life’s blows or to push forward. Shyne On Me balances a healthy, thought-provoking message while offering an enjoyable listening experience on his latest release which can be appreciated by a wide range of listeners.

Audio: Shyne On Me “Choices (feat. Kayla Starks)”

The single is free to stream/download via Bandcamp.