Shyne On Me presents the visual for the single “On God”  from his recently released project the “Tracktice What You Preach EP”.

Shyne On Me returns with a laid back vibe this time to profess faith regardless of the test and trials of life. Completely dependent “On God” to help him through any and every situation.

Shyne On Me- “On God” (Official Video)”

Directed and Edited by Vegan Stevn

Album: ‘Tracktice What You Preach EP


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the Bookkeeper247 Thoughts:

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

“Tracktice What You Preach” by Shyne On Me is my go-to album in a time when I may be discouraged and need some uplifting to make it through my tough times. I still can’t believe this EP is a free download!

“On God”, to me, the hook is so reassuring and reminds me of Romans 8:28. I think that a lot of believers never fail to give God his praise when we are on top of the mountain but the minute we are in a valley when we need to praise Him most, we don’t.

He Got Me, He Got Me, I Ain’t Worried about a thing On God,
He Got Me, He Got Me, Everything is working for my good,
He Got Me, He Got Me, even if I die today it’s on God,
He Got Me, He Got Me, Everything is working for my good!

Why? I mean we love God right? Why don’t we believe that no matter what everything is working for our good?


I had a talk with Shyne one day and he doesn’t consider himself as a Christian hip-hop artist. He considers himself as a gospel artist. I consider him an artist who can sing, rap and doesn’t compromise the popular message in his music. He is raw, bold and his music is full of personal struggle, testimony, scripture and if you really dig great music you should definitely listen to him.

No matter what you call Shyne On Me, a gospel artist or a Christian hip-hop artist he is definitely an artist that uses his gift for God! His music is edifying and to me, he is what typical gospel music is missing and Christian hip-hop. His songs are mature and grown. They are for people who have experienced some ups and downs of life and need that gospel ministered in their life through the soulful sounds of an exceptional artist.

His music is for people who need to hear “On God” we don’t have to worry about a thing because God has us! His music is for people who need to hear, even if I die today it’s on God, He Got Me!, His music is for people who are down in that rabbit hole and need to hear, “He Got Me, He Got Me, Everything is working for my good!”

Short Bio:

Shyne On Me is a gospel artist from Washington, DC that has a unique style of ministry. With a commanding and capturing voice, he both sings and raps displaying his versatility on an array of different beat styles. He has an amazing testimony of deliverance from alcoholism, drug abuse and depression that he attributes his overcoming to his walk with Christ. Though the talent is present, the anointing of the Holy Spirit is the true driving force of his delivery of the gospel!