September 22, 2020

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Shyne On Me – Stumbling Blocks – Music Video

Shyne On Me - Stumbling Blocks - Music Video


Shyne On Me presents the Official Video for “Stumbling Blocks”.

Stumbling Blocks is a transparent song about his shortcomings on his walk with Christ off his latest release the “Tracktice What You Preach EP“. (Stream/ Download the project FREE links below)

Hot Lyrics:

I just want to go higher my future in Your Hands/I look for signs from the stars like an autograph

Watch Shyne On Me- “Stumbling Blocks” (Official Video):

Directed by Mr. Tre P.

For More about “Tracktice What You Preach” Click Link Here:

Shyne On Me has become one of my favorite artist over the last year or so. I’ll admit, Shyne has been around for a while but I was late to the party, but when I arrived (Haters Think It’s Photoshopped) it was on ever since!

I just like the real in Shyne! His music is full of testimony. His music is full of soul with an old school, new school feel with a balanced hip-hop vibe I think personally only Shyne can pull off so elegantly!

In Stumbling Blocks Shyne talks about his personal struggles with lust and how it was one of his biggest struggles in his Christian walk. The song is poetic with some great metaphors but it’s soever truthful.

We all have something we stumble or that we struggle with, but with God, we can overcome the obstacles. I personally needed to hear this as I deal with my trials and tribulations in my life!

Short Bio:

Shyne On Me is a gospel artist from Washington, DC that has a unique style of ministry. With a commanding and capturing voice, he both sings and raps displaying his versatility on an array of different beat styles. He has an amazing testimony of deliverance from alcoholism, drug abuse and depression that he attributes his overcoming to his walk with Christ. Though the talent is present, the anointing of the Holy Spirit is the true driving force of his delivery of the gospel!

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