October 25, 2020


Changing the Culture 4 God

Singleness; Love is – Devotion

Singleness; Love is - Devotion
Only one thing can make me feel complete and that is God's love. No man on earth, so states the bible, no man on earth can accomplish this for me.

Love is…..

Love is patient
waiting for the right time

Love is kind
always reminded of his great sacrifice

Love does not envy
because all is left behind

Love does not boast
knowing this is not our home

Love is not proud
but humbled by the cross

Love is not rude
looking for the good at all costs

Love is not-self seeking
instead looking to whom it may help

Love is not easily angered
patient is a virtue

Love keeps nor records of wrongs
it forgives as we should all

Love does not delight in evil
but overflows with trust and grace

Love always….
protects each other
trusts each other
hopes for each other
perceiver and endures
for one another

And Love, always prayers for one another and with each other!

Love is..from (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

My morning thought….listening to klove…to answer a burning question some people have about why I am single, why I have chosen this, and not looking for a man! It’s easy…I am not complete!

So Many People Don’t Understand

So many people judge because of my choice, so many people don’t understand. I’ve been married twice, made poor relationship choices and I know the only way to stop that cycle is to let God in and fill that void that I used to let a man fill! Once that void is filled, once I am complete with God enveloping my entire being, then, and only then God will provide me the right person.

I’m in no hurry….I have alot to work through, I have no illusions about that…don’t judge the women of this world who choose to fill themselves with God instead of man for that is what our Heavenly father desires for us and then, we will be blessed enormously. I am going through these trials for a reason, He only knows why, the length is but a blink for him, one day I too will understand, but for know I need to just keep the faith. Single women unite…stay strong…God will provide!

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