October 21, 2020


Changing the Culture 4 God

Sinner Saint (prod. KETOJXN)

Sinner Saint (prod. KETOJXN)

Short Bio:

87 Music Group was founded by Brian “Bro-Va”(BroVay) Barden, Victor “Thermo” Sanchez, and Timothy “Nonpareil” Minggia. The Mission is to spread the Good News Worldwide through high quality music with substance that will withstand the test of times.

Brian ‘Bro-Va’ Barden was born in Brooklyn, NY. In 1995 he moved from Bedford Stuyvesent (Bedstuy) with his mother and siblings to the Northern Virginia area at just 8 years old. At the age of 9, he began to write music. He would continue to dive head first into secular music for the next 10 years, until he felt he had lost control of his life going through seasons of hardship and the peace he had drawn faint. Brian has been in church since the age of 8, but in February 11, 2011, he decided to have a more personal relationship with God.

His vision through music is to reach and encourage this current generation and generations following to know God. For those that have lived lives that they feel they are too ashamed of to know that they still have hope in God. “If God could change my life, I know my friends can look at me and be inspired to make a decision.” Brian wants to enlighten believers and sinners to know God for themselves and to know that they have never gone so far that they can not come back to God. The mission is for the proud, hard hearted, rebellious, and those who live the street life and are written off as impossible to reach. There are arms that do reach back into the streets and into the hearts of this generation to provoke a lifestyle change through positive music inspired by the Gospel.


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