September 22, 2020

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Sintax the Terrific – The Last Unicorn – Album Alert

Sintax the Terrific - The Last Unicorn - Album Alert

Trugoy of De La Soul said it best, “Investing in fantasies and not God.  Welcome to reality, see times is hard.”  Sometimes we would prefer a cheap carnival trick over actual magic.  Ironically, we cannot see a real unicorn unless she’s been placed in a costume horn first.  It is as if we have to make life fake before it gets real.

Inspired by Peter S. Beagle’s novel of the same name, The Last Unicorn, is a rap story about pain and selfishness and regret and repentance and petulance and desire and unicorns.  It is a record about running away and never being able to escape, all at the same time.  The unicorn is at once without bounds and a prisoner simultaneously.  Humanity is the same — trapped in the discomfort of our own skin.   Prophets tell us that our freedom literally comes in bondage.

For the album, Sir Chamberlain has produced an open and emotionally electronic track list of instrumentals that meet the mystery and magic and angst of the record’s themes.  In ten songs, sintax shares his modern fairy tale.  But, be warned, in this fairy tale, “There’s no happy ending. Because nothing ever ends.”

The Last Unicorn is available now on Illect Recordings.

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