Super Bowl Season is officially over and with that came all the team spirit and victory parades. The conquering heroes hopped on floats and their victorious supporters lined up in the streets of the city. The crown of the NFL was taken to New England and a year’s worth of hard work was rewarded.

Believers in Christ have a reason to celebrate every single day. The conquering hero? Jesus Christ. The defeated? The cross, sin, death and that wretched serpent Satan. Srrvant says, “this song is about Parris Chariz and I celebrating our redemption brought forth by the Lord.

The fact that we have been made new is a reason for us to yell, dance and even rap in celebration. I hope this song encourages you as a listener as much as it did for me as an artist. May this victory resound through the streets as a Superbowl parade did.”

Audio – Srrvant- Victory Dance (ft. Parris Chariz):