Still Leading the Sheep, Shep the shepard Interview Part 2

Sitting down and chopping it up with Shep is always, truthful, delightful and sometimes just straight to the point! That’s in a good and humble way and if you’re a fan of his you know exactly what we are talking about. Well, Shep is back with his second interview with us and filling us in on what’s going on in his life.

This was such an enjoyable experience because very seldom do you get to interview someone you call a good friend! I ’m glad the Lord has allowed Shep to become our friend and he has helped us on so many levels! He is still one of our biggest supporters and he believes in sharing the good news and helping others as God has instructed all of us to do.

So Shep, thank you, my brother, and may God continue to bless you and your ministry!


Since the last time we’ve talked, what’s changed?

Man…. well just 6 months after releasing “Quorban“ I put out my first official debut album “TRAPPER KEEPER” and shared the artist title with my Producer Timmy Clover. It’s released to literally every digital outlet I could think of around the world. It’s also free and downloadable on SoundCloud thanks to Nerva reminding me about keeping it real with my first fans. I played around with creating a website too: and all my music is there and clothing still on its way.

Since your album Release of ”Quorban, and then ”Trapper Keeper”, what have you learned from the #Chh business?

A lot man… since I had the vision of Cross Promotion I learned that together we can build and lift each other up. The flip is I saw that some are just in this just to make money off you, and don’t really care about you at all. But the irony is, I had already hit them with a statement on the first song “BLACK Hole” from “TRAPPER KEEPER”, about that. Only if you are able to decode it though, lol.

What will you do differently next time?

That’s a good one, probably mostly the same grind but try to synchronize promo. When your self-funded, work a full-time job and do this as a Ministry, well you have to do as much free promo as possible. Social Media has been a very useful tool for me and of course, sites like yours really lend a helping hand to Chh artists like me.

I see God has increased your followers on your social media platforms since the last time we talked. How humbling is that?

Yea it’s really kinda cool, I try not to look at the numbers and just keep pushing.

How do you keep a level head and still do work for the Lord and stay loyal to Him and your fans?

With the stress of my job, a spouse, being a parent and trying to do this on the side…. I’d say my home life levels me out, my kids remind me of one of the biggest reasons I’m doing this. I also try to shy away from some fans that are a little “more” interested in Shep the shepherd, my hearts already on lock, lol.

Is it a hard balance between serving, worshiping, working and grinding in your music ministry?

Yes. 100 percent yes. I do this a minute here a half hour there. I have no manager or promo staff it’s just me and no major label budget. On top of that my job is suuuupper crazy busy and stressful.

What do you see in Chh that is good right now?

I would use the example of when I get discouraged that God sends that one fellow Chh site manager or fellow artist to give me an uplifting message. As far as style though there is a lot of clones right now. I’d say JMonty, Eshon Burgundy, JGivens, and Social Club Misfits and a handful of others are all still very original and the new up an comer Nerva is refreshing to me and everybody’s still sleeping on T. Prophet.

What changes would you like to see in Chh?

Cross Promotion. Together we can promote the cross by “Cross Promoting” each other. Imagine if Social Club Misfits or someone like NF gave one shout out to artists that are not in their circle or on their level. That could literally change the game and even someone’s life. We can do this on a smaller scale though since only a couple is at that elevated baller status.

What made you come up with the concept of ”cross-promotions?” 

The Lord, plain and simple. I’ve been given 3 big visions since I came to Chh. 1 was that Free Music would break the mainstream-secular industry. 2 Was that Rapzilla would host a huge feast called “RAPFEAST” with all their funds and collected contacts. 3. Was Cross Promotion. I think 2 outta 3 is happening.

I hear and see a lot of tweets about Chh being its own religion and over the last few years, I’ve seen Chh beef, artist leaving Chh and etc. How do you deal with all the chaos in Chh and do you feel like it can be tough as an artist inside this Genre?

Chh means something different to each person. I would relate it to a Church. I became a Christian, (similar to when I became a Chh artist), I was called. I came in thinking everybody was just cool with everybody because we’re all Christians. But we actually judge people worse than the world does, there are cliques in both.

The #ChhBeef, well I think if a man makes a statement towards another, or a generalized statement directed to the genre, and someone responds, well I don’t see anything wrong with that. I do see something wrong when someone defends themselves and then they get the backlash. The other walks away clean because of his cool guy stature in the industry. When people lash out and say you should have called him first, I think, ? well, what about the first guy who started it in the first place. How do they get a pass? 

I actually take it personally when someone disses Chh, especially when they came from it, built their fan base from it, and now try to discredit or make fun of it. This goes all the way back to my song “SurvIVEe or dIE” when I finally got to say something back about the “Chh is corny”, the comment heard around the world.

(Here’s a link to what set Shep off)

Back to the Interview:

What would you say to the artist that feel they’ve worked too hard to give free shoutouts?

For the artist that think you are too cool or too big to share some love with a like, retweet or even a shoutout… I ask some questions to propose thoughts. How did you get that way? Did you get no help when you started and now have a chip on your shoulder? Do you really have no time? Do you not want to associate with other Chh artist? Did Andy’s infamous “corny comment” make you this way? 

And remind them… we’re all in this together in Chh, just on many different levels. A mountain has multiple points of elevation, but all together it’s still a mountain.

What was your favorite song on Trapper Keeper?

Oh… well, I really like ChinCHILLian, but Ocean BLUE is also very close to my heart, (just like my Sunshine). “LOST in Translation” was another one that I really put a lot myself into. What’s interesting is that it seems everyone likes something different. This album has something for everyone.

How did you and Timmy Clover hook up?

Me and Clover, well I can’t remember if he reached out to me or I him over a beat. But when I heard the beat to “Sumndays” and thought wow this beat is how I’m feeling right now. I recorded it and decided I would let him mix and master, since it was his beat. When I got it back and put it out, I got a huge response from it. 

Even Rapzilla let me post. That was the day I found my own sound. Still to this day comments from you, and the first time I was on TRACKSTARZ L4L, and my Rep Da King review is that I’m different sounding from everyone else. This makes me very happy, as most of what I hear lately all sounds the same.

Listen to “Rep Da King Radio – Shep The Shepherd” on Spreaker.What’s in the future for Shep? (Interview on BomShellter Radio on Shep)

Working on the next album man, got all the beats in from Clover now. I just need to continue writing and recording.

More words from Shep:

I would like to add a thank you to sites and stations like “” for helping push the movement.

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