Hot Bar: “For God, no lie, no bias I don’t play both sides./Been sold out with the windows down Truth music blowing out the whip so loud you repent when I roll by.”

I Really don’t have to much to write about this song because I can’t wait for “Surrender” to drop by Bizzle! This is the second track dropped off his 3rd studio album and this joint is blazing! I just have to, “hold up, wait, and let it breath!”?


1. Intro
2. Surrender Feat. Monty G
3. Not For Sale Feat. Kefia Rollerson
4. Protocol
5. No More
6. No Hate Feat. Bumps INF
7. Anybody
8. Ride Out
9. Sin No More
10. Better With You Feat. J. Carter
11. Feel Good Feat. Crystal Tamar
12. All Over Again
13. Believers
14. Prayers Up
15. Soul Deep
16. Monopoly Feat. Christon Gray


Album in Stores October 23rd:

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