December 4, 2020


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TC Boyd The Artist – Beginning To End

TC Boyd - Beginning To End

TC Boyd The Artist drops “Beginning To End”

TC Boyd says, “This song is meant to motivate people to take action. We can’t let life just pass us by. We have to have faith, and then take action on that faith. We are here for a reason. We must know that we have to put in work to win. God will help us through the rest of it.

Artistically the track is inspired by my desire to bring high energy with some fun lyrics. I composed a great instrumental, and wrote catchy lyrics to this track. The punchlines are epic! The flow is insane. The energy is great. The hook is catchy. The beat is strong. The message most importantly is one of hope!”

Audio – TC Boyd – “Beginning To End“:

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TC Boyd’s Inspirational Book – It Ain’t Easy

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Short Bio:

TC Boyd aka TC Boyd The Artist is an American music artist, poet, author, public speaker, music producer/composer, song writer, and entrepreneur.

He has empowered hundreds of thousands through his story of going from heartbreak and tragedy, to finding healing and hope! He works with youth, young adults and communities to help them find inspiration, find purpose, overcome challenges and to pursue their goals.

He shares his own story of overcoming very tragic situations growing up, and provides his audiences with hope.

TC has been featured on various Radio stations, Television stations, Newspapers, and online publications. His biggest passion is sharing his faith in Christ, which he states has made everything he’s accomplished possible.

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