September 23, 2020

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TC(The Collector) “Cashed Out“ featuring Jus Josef

TC(The Collector) “Cashed Out“ featuring Jus Josef


Fort Lauderdale, FL – F​resh off the release of his project ‘Imperfectville’ TC aka The Collector is back with his newest single “Cashed Out” featuring fellow CHH artist Jus Josef.

They may be from opposite ends of the country, but the blend of TC and Jus Josef’s styles combine to create a definite playlist worthy track.

The theme here is that for those who put their faith in Jesus no longer have to gamble on life and can cash out thanks to the promises He has given us.

“Clinging to that rugged, I’ve done cashed out’ was the first part of the song I started with. I kept that theme in my heart as I wrote the rest” explained TC.

Audio – TC(The Collector) “Cashed Out” featuring Jus Josef:

“Cashed Out” released August 05, 2019 across digital platforms.

Short Bio:

My name is Matthew Smith aka TC “The Collector”. I’m from Fort Lauderdale Florida where it rains during 90-degree weather. I’ve been serving the LORD since 2007 and coming from a non-believer to now a Child of GOD I serve Faithfully at the “Church Of The Living An Holy God Life Changing Center” under the leading of my Apostle.

I create music for the Lord to help his people who may not know His salvation, love and perfect plan He has for them. Also for those who are in the walk who needs encouragement and that little reminder in love.

About Jus Josef

Jus Josef is an independent Christian Hip Hop (CHH) artist from the Pacific Northwest, originally from Los Angeles, CA, he has lived in both Oregon and Washington state.

Josef brings a passionate and raw sound that is a gritty testimonial to the CHH culture. His music reflects the street life but points the discussion towards salvation. He has been rapping since he was a kid, finding himself battling other rappers at local parties.

When he turned 18, Josef began working on making music professionally as a way to escape poverty and depending on drug money as an income stream. His 2018 release, ‘Keys to the Kingdom’, is a message that Josef said: “was inside of me for a long time.” “I want to reach those who come from the streets that may be struggling with their walk. Also, I want to attract the lost and share the gospel with them.”

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