I love seeing an artist grow up right in front of you. The process between beginning and almost there is spectacular to witness.

With his latest single, “My Mess” TC(The Collector) is breaking the walls of transparency to give the listeners honest testimonies to help us all.

Watch out everyone, this young man is inspiring and Lord willing he will be making a lane for himself in the Christian hip hop(CHH) community for a long time!

In TC(The Collector) latest release, “My Mess”, he conveys a message of how easy it his to fall short of God’s glory daily by being transparent in his own struggles. With more accolades and more accomplishments TC(The Collector) shows how all of us can get tripped up by some of the blessing God gives us if we are not careful.

TC(The Collector) says “the inspiration behind this song was the need to expose my short comings when it came to keeping and resting my WHOLE life, at all times, in God hands.

Without even realizing I was operating thru my flesh in many areas of my walk. I had created such a mess of my relationship with the Lord which caused issues in all other spaces in my life. Thank God I identify that open door  before it was too late!”

Audio – TC(The Collector) “My Mess”:

Have you ever been pulling for someone to just win? That’s me cheering for and praying for TC(The Collector) that God will give him a breakthrough in this CHH community to save souls.

TC(The Collector) has been rocking with us for a while and to be honest, he may have always been tight but with hearing so much music I hadn’t noticed until his first full project, “Imperfectville.”

TC(The Collector) followed up “Imperfectville” with a free download mixtape “Tabernacle Melodies” and I was like, “ok, he is on to something!”

Being in the process of developing a personal relationship with TC(The Collector) one of the things I see in him is his humbleness. That’s always a great start with me.

What else is very, very encouraging is to know when you ask someone to pray for you; you can take them at their word that they are!

We were blessed that TC(The Collector) took the timeout of his schedule to sit down and chop it up with us and we pray that you enjoy the interview.


Where are you from?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Describe your upbringing?

I was raised in a two-parent household, where my parents struggled to make ends meat. We lived in a neighborhood that exposed me to a lot of bad things.

How did you come to Christ, (your salvation story)?

Growing up, religion wasn’t something I was exposed to. I didn’t believe in God or Jesus. It wasn’t until I was on the verge of taking my own life, that I heard God’s voice calling me.

What were you dealing with that had you on the verge of taking your own life?

It was depression. At that point in my life, I felt I had lost everything I had, to the point I felt like I had no purpose.

Once the enemy pulls that sense of purpose from you, that’s when he steals your hope. The enemy can’t void your promise land, but he can stop you from reaching it.

Thankfully, I have been delivered and set free from that spirit by God’s help. However, the spirit of depression still comes, and checks on me, to see if there is still room in me to occupy. But through consistently praying, reading the Bible, fasting, and continuously building my relationship with God, it leaves no room for the spirit, only room for hope.

What was your first introduction to music?

When I was young my Grandmother would play a lot of oldies music.

How did u get into Chh?

In 2007 when I first heard Da Truth’s cd “The Faith”

How do you feel about Chh as a whole?

I’m happy that there is a platform that believers can use to glorify the Lord. Being able to build relationships, create music, and reach places you normally can’t locally, to spread the message God put on your heart.

What are some of the negatives about Christian hip-hop?

Some come in with wrong motives, chasing clout, instead of focusing on the great commission.

When did you know you were called to change lives for God in your music?

I was given a word through my Apostle, that I was called for music, but it wasn’t until a co-worker, listened to my song and The Lord touched them. They ended up giving their life to the Lord, found a church home, and I witnessed the change. I knew then, that this was more than a hobby.

Tell us about the new album/EP? Upcoming Project?

The current mixtape, “Tabernacle Melodies” which is available for free download.

What do you hope people will get out of your music and upcoming projects?

I want people to get transparency, and more importantly come to know who God is, and what God could be I their lives.

Who are u listening to that we should be listening too?

In this season I’m currently listening to a lot of worship.

Who influenced you the most in music?

The Holy Spirit, of course, Da Truth, and Trip Lee.

Who would you like to work within the future?

Anyone who is down to build the kingdom of God, I am always open and willing to work with them.

Favorite Bars On the last Project?

“No worries I’mma fight this off/ an I’mma bare my cross until my light goes off/ – Struggles of an imperfect Christian

How much have you grown on this project, talent-wise?

I believe I grew a lot lyrically compared to my previous stuff.

How much have you grown on this project, Spiritually?

I’ve grown a lot spiritually because every lyric had to be tried and proven.

One of the biggest topics in the music business now is streaming, how does that affect you as an artist/owner?

It doesn’t affect me, my focus is more on the message, and what God tells me to do.

How hard is it to separate Ministry from business and both from family time?

I’m thankful that I have a wife and children that understand the calling, this makes it easy to be able to flow. However, I would like to spend more family time, but in this season, I have to fight to find the balance between the two.

On the business end, I don’t focus too much on it, being an Indie artist, because, it’s like I said, I more focused on what God wants me to do.

I noticed a pattern in your music where the theme is getting back closer to God. Was it anything that drove you from Him and what advice can you give people on how to get back to Him?

There was a time in my walk were my foundation got rocky because I allowed life circumstances to dictate my walk, instead of relying on God and trusting in Him. My advice would be, always remember what brought you to the Lord and where He took you from, this will help you to remember what matters.

What is your best advice for this generation?

Put and keep God first in everything you do.

Where can we find your music?

All digital platforms

What’s next for you ( tour dates, new releases, etc)

I have a few features coming up, with other indie artists.

How can you be contacted for booking and collaboration?

[email protected]

On your longest day and hardest battle, what scripture do you find strength in?

“Who can speak and have it happen if the Lord has not decreed it?” Lamentations‬ ‭3:37‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Short Bio:

My name is Matthew Smith aka TC “The Collector”. I’m from Fort Lauderdale Florida where it rains during 90-degree weather. I’ve been serving the LORD since 2007 and coming from a non-believer to now a Child of GOD I serve Faithfully at the “Church Of The Living An Holy God Life Changing Center” under the leading of my Apostle.

I create music for the Lord to help his people who may not know His salvation, love and perfect plan He has for them. Also for those who are in the walk who needs encouragement and that little reminder in love.

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