TC(The Collector) Releases “Imperfectville” EP

Christian Hip-Hop Artist TC(The Collector) drops an Amazing FIRE PROJECT entitled, “Imperfectville”! All we can say is, “WHOA”!

TC, says about his new EP, “you are welcome into a space where your not judged and condemn for your weakness and imperfections. There is love, hope & faith to help you overcome these short comings and a forever loving God to accept you when everyone else has shun you. This space is called lImperfectville” where all is welcome & accepted!

TC(The Collector) is definitely a talented and gifted artist, but I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this album!

The Flow is current, consistent and stays in a rhythm of what’s out today but the lyrics from song to song is the best I’ve heard from an independent Christian Hip-Hop artist in a minute! TC stays on the theme of the album as well.

Song after song is so encouraging as he shares his struggles of imperfections in his world of Imperfectville. You will definitely know the direction that TC went in as he is so transparent in doing so.

I think what impressed me the most about “Imperfectville” was the consistency of TC failing time after time in a fight with his will for his life and God’s will for him! I believe, if we are honest, that’s a constant battle for all us Christians but very seldom will we admit it.

What you will get out of “Imperfectville” by TC(The Collector):

  1. Scripture References
  2. Testimony
  3. Consistent Sound Lyrics
  4. Good Production
  5. Good Vibe
  6. Theme
  7. Great Replay Value

Audio – TC(The Collector) “Float”:

TC(The Collector) Float

Imperfectville Track List:

  1. Child of GoD
  2. Permissive
  3. Unconditional
  4. Float
  5. Bae
  6. Nineveh
  7. Cold Turkey
  8. See You
  9. Showtime
  10. Halo

Audio – TC(The Collector) “Permissive”:

TC(The Collector) “Permissive” Music Audio


If you have been in dire need of some good Christian hip-hop music you will not go wrong with “Imperfectville.”

I love TC’s flow. You can tell he owned the beat and the beat doesn’t own him. He doesn’t rush in it or try to stuff too many words in his bar. He is clear and not mumbling and most of all he is using his gift God gave him for God!

The production is good as well as the mixing and mastering. A lot of times the music drowns out the artists vocals but from first listen they did a beautiful job on “Imperfectville.”

“Imperfectville” will definitely be on rotation for a while for us and I pray the Lord takes “Imperfectville” and distributes it to struggling, hurting, sinners who needs spiritual freedom.

Imperfectville is most definitely Bookeeper247 APPROVED!

Imperfectville By TC(The Collector):

Short Bio:

My name is Matthew Smith aka TC “The Collector”. I’m from Fort Lauderdale Florida where it rains during 90-degree weather. I’ve been serving the LORD since 2007 and coming from a non-believer to now a Child of GOD I serve Faithfully at the “Church Of The Living An Holy God Life Changing Center” under the leading of my Apostle.

I create music for the Lord to help his people who may not know His salvation, love and perfect plan He has for them. Also for those who are in the walk who needs encouragement and that little reminder in love.

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