TC(The Collector) is back telling the people how to get instant strength from his newest single “Senzu Bean!”

TC(The Collector says, “the “story behind this song was a play on a cartoon show Dragon Ball Z. After a long battle they take these things called ‘Senzu Beans’ and they are back to 100% instantly. So I wanted to convey that message in the form that God is my Senzu Bean and gives us the instant strength to Bounce back from tough fights!”

Audio – TC(The Collector) – “Senzu Bean“:

Short Bio:

My name is Matthew Smith aka TC “The Collector”. I’m from Fort Lauderdale Florida where it rains during 90-degree weather. I’ve been serving the LORD since 2007 and coming from a non-believer to now a Child of GOD I serve Faithfully at the “Church Of The Living An Holy God Life Changing Center” under the leading of my Apostle.

I create music for the Lord to help his people who may not know His salvation, love and perfect plan He has for them. Also for those who are in the walk who needs encouragement and that little reminder in love.