April 13, 2021


Changing the Culture 4 God

The Brownz (Young Fierce & Rose Brown) – I Shall Speak & Steps ft PJ Da Singer

The Brownz (Young Fierce & Rose Brown) - I Shall Speak & Steps ft PJ Da Singer

The Brownz (Young Fierce & Rose Brown) “I Shall Speak & Steps” featuring PJ Da Singer depicts the risks associated with not going with “the flow” of the world – not conforming, not being silent, but instead being bold to speak the uncomfortable truths that are a part of this message God has given us to spread.

Partly inspired by Gospel stories in the book of Acts, it is about delivering the Gospel, choosing to do positive music that glorifies God, whatever the cost or consequence, and also knowing that God can deliver you from captivity when you are imprisoned because of following Him.

Even in as uncertain times as these, you can walk in confidence knowing that God guides your steps and has a plan for your life. Omegalistic Music, Rose Brown of The Brownz ft PJ Da Singer, a Khaotik Beatz Production, engineered at Mid Range Studios, Kansas City, MO.

Video – The Brownz (Young Fierce & Rose Brown) – Steps ft PJ Da Singer:

Video – The Brownz “I Shall Speak”:

The Brownz “I Shall Speak”:

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Hailing from Kansas City, historically celebrated for deep jazz roots and world-renowned barbecue, The Brownz, are a hard-hitting husband and wife hip-hop duo consisting of Columbus Brown (Young Fierce) and Melena (Rose Brown). Hailing from a musical church family, Columbus’ first music endeavors were based in R&B, but like his would be wife, he was deeply inspired by 2Pac as a young adult, initiating a curiosity and passion for rap. Influenced by the distinct and eclectic variations of hip hop coming from all regions of the U.S. in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, their current sound fuses jazz, funk, soul, gospel and hip hop with lyricism worthy to be compared to the likes of Andre 3000, J Cole, Nas, Eve and Pac.

Their styles and personalities equal but undeniably different, the 2 were both forging their own individual secular music careers before uniting as husband and wife, co-owners of their label, Omegalistic Music, and hip-hop group. Young Fierce had an album released by Luni Coleone’s label, Sicc-A-Cell in 2001 that put earned him a #9 spot on The Billboard Music Charts before returning to Kansas City to resume control of his own music career. Melena (Rose Brown), using no moniker, gained admiration and respect of peers and fans alike as she single-handedly built her own legacy, releasing 4 solo projects and booking a multitude of performances.

In the last 3 years, The Brownz focus has been on consistently releasing quality singles with memorable visuals and building their Omegalistic Music brand through their social media platforms. Entering the 2nd Quarter of 2020, The Brownz have already released 2 new singles with videos, “I Shall Speak” and “Steps” featuring PJ Da Singer. The duo has also teamed up with fellow hip-hop artist S.H.A.D.O.W. Superior who featured on a popular Tech N9ne collaboration album in 2009 to record a project where the 3 are collectively “DEM,” geared for release later this year. The Brownz remain committed to making feel-good music that has a positive, Christ-filled, non-violent message that is lyrically appealing to the most passionate of Hip Hop heads and is stylish enough to entice even non-Believers to take a listen. Keep up with The Brownz latest releases and upcoming projects by subscribing to their channel on YouTube.

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