From artist to artist the conversation flows In Mitch Darrell’s interview with J. Crum.

They discuss family, Christian hip hop, COVID-19, how to tune in to your fan base, how J. Crum almost died when he was younger, and find out when Mitch Darrell’s worst day was in Christian hip hop.

Thank you, J. Crum, for taking the time out of your schedule! The interview was dope!

Video – The Mitch Darrell Show episode 5 with Guest J. Crum:

0:00 – Intro
0:55 – Introduction
1:33 – What’s in the Red Cup Mitch Darrell?
2:00 – What does the J stand for in your name?
2:40 – What other names did J. Crum go by in #Chh?
3:22 – Enoch Flow Record Ad
4:50 – When did you discover #Chh J. Crum?
7:20 – J. Crum shoutouts Gospel Gangstaz, T-Bone, Cross Movement, Lecrae, and more
10:00 – Mitch Darrell says if it wasn’t for Lecrae he probably wouldn’t have discovered #Chh
11:16 – J. Crum discusses him having a brain infection at the age of 15
19:40 – Are you Christian who raps or a Christian rapper J. Crum?
21:50 – How do you feel about Christian hip hop J. Crum?
23:00 – J. Crum shares how he found a Montel Fish album at one of his lowest points in life.
24:30 – J. Crum discusses dis track and unwritten rules in Christian hip hop
26:00 – Why do people think Christian hip hop is corny?
28:40 – What do you dislike about being an artist?
30:20 – J. Crum discusses his friend dying around the time George Floyd was killed.
32:10 – J. Crum discusses him and his wife having COVID-19 and gives warning to the skeptics.
37:35 – J. Crum has advice for new Christian hip hop artist starting out.
42:40 – J. Crum discusses about paying for features.
43:50 – J. Crum discusses the latest project Vagabond and wait to you hear what advice he gives to Lecrae and Jon Keith fans.

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Connect with Mitch Darrell

Short Bio:

Mitch Darrell is a young and upcoming rapper and singer from Indian Trail North Carolina. He spits rap with a dope flow and conscious lyrics in an attempt to educate and inform.

He is currently a student at NC State University in Raleigh North Carolina and is the youngest member of the group “Top 3′. His debut project “Black Skin Colorless Soul’ released in January 2017

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