April 18, 2021


Changing the Culture 4 God

TheReal D.TeL – ‘Holy-Spirit Train’

TheReal D.TeL - 'Holy-Spirit Train'

TheReal D.TeL drops ‘Holy-Spirit Train’

More About ‘Holy-Spirit Train’:

TheReal D.TeL says “All aboard the Holy-Spirit Train! An epic, nonstop journey around the world, being fishermen of men, letting all know that when Jesus died, He never really left because He sent the Holy-spirit to stay with us.

Through Him we have understanding, love, peace, joy, patience, kindness,
overcoming power and authority, among other things, that will change anyone’s life who is willing.”

Audio Music Video – TheReal D.TeL – ‘Holy-Spirit Train’:

Holy-Spirit Train is Available On Spotify:

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