September 18, 2020

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Thi’sl – Fallen King (Short Film)

Thi'sl - Fallen King (Short Film)

Thi’sl – Fallen King (Short Film)

Starring Thi’sl, Chad Jones, Nonna, Kenny Petty, Terri ‘Rocki’ Madison and Todd Genteman.

Written and Directed by Travis Thi’sl Tyler
Shot and edited by Kre8tor

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I’m certainly glad Thi’sl did this short film. It sheds  facts on the truth of the streets and religion. Recently me and a friend of mine were in a conversation about pastors in our youth. Pastors used to show up at your house and talk to you and even eat dinner with you and your family. Not just in time of need but on the regular. Pastors were at your graduations and were very prominent in the community.

Not all Pastors and Church members have just relied on the four walls of the church.  For those that reach out, I want to commend the saints that’s still carrying the Good News of Jesus Christ to wherever and whomever to build for the Kingdom of God! “Thank you!’

In order to rebuild any community it’s going to take a gallant effort from the body of Christ by getting out the pews a little more and trying to connect with everybody.  I think it’s time for all members of the Body of Christ, to get out and spread the Gospel in our local communities.

This Short Film, “Fallen King” by Thi’sl shows the impact of spreading the Gospel.  Watch it and share it with a person who needs to see it.

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