September 4, 2015

This is a much needed album for the Christian community! On this album, “Camden”, Tony found the musical balance between the church and the streets. On Camden, he shares his past and glorifies the change God makes in our lives when we follow Him.

Hot Tracks: 870, About Me, No Lie, Ghost, Adams Avenue, CMDN, Lord Have Mercy, Inspiration

Guest Appearances: Derek Minor, Deraj, Tragic Hero, B. Cooper, Drew Allen, Truth Chiles, Sye Spence, Chad Jones, Canon, JC and J. Prince

First, let us apologize for being so late on this album review. We have been real busy between work, church, and being husbands, and fathers. Now that apologies are out, it’s a confession time. I wasn’t going to write a review because I thought we had missed the window of opportunity, but after hearing Tony Tillman on the DJ Wade-o podcast I was compelled, inspired to write this review.

Even though some may mistake this album for glorifying the life Tony lived, I could hear that he really thanks God for saving him from that old lifestyle. Many will truly relate to this album no matter where they are from. Like Tony said, “Everybody got a Camden.”

I once was lost in that street life and I could hear the passion in the songs that reigns thankfulness to God. On this album, Tony found the balance between the church and the streets. A balance where even though it was Christian hip hop, it had an unbelievable street cred to it. Even though it has street cred; the album isn’t leading people into the streets. Tony is leading them to Jesus by telling everyone his story of his past and how following Jesus changes a person’s life from the inside out, no matter where they come from.

Summary: I was on a road trip with my family and I had my 21 year old son with me. I put Tony Tillman’s “Camden” album on. Right off the intro, “870” my son was like, “Who’s that!?” “He went in!”, he said next. I laughed because I had a similar reaction when I hit play on the first take. I knew who he was but I was blown away at the introduction. “870!” set the tone of the album at the beginning and Tony Tillman doesn’t let up!  “Camden” is an instant classic.

Tony Tillman keep Changing the Culture 4 God!

This album is Bookkeeper APPROVED! 

Check Out This Great Interview by DJ Wadeo on Tony Tillman:

Tony Tillman Camden track list:
1. 870
2. About Me
3. No Lie (feat. Derek Minor)
4. Adams Avenue
5. CMDN (feat. Deraj, Tragic Hero and Drew Allen)
6. Inspiration (feat. Truth Chiles)
7. Lord Have Mercy (feat. Derek Minor and B. Cooper)
8. Role Model
9. Shadows (feat. Sye Spence)
10. Without You (feat. Chad Jones, Canon and JC)
11. Ghost
12. Made It Out
13. Praying for You (feat. J Prince)

1-2, 7 Derek Minor
3, 10 G ROC
4-5, 8, 12 Cardec Drums
6 GeeDA
9 Alex Medina and Gawvi
11 Tone Jonez and Dirty Rice
13 Chris King

For listeners of: Lecrae, Derek Minor, Chad Jones & Canon This Album Is For You.

Press & Radio contact: Josh