October 20, 2020

Trutha – “Locked In” featuring Kirk White

Trutha - "Locked In" featuring Kirk White

“Trutha Aims High With New Single, “Locked In”

Charleston, IL – Trutha aims for all God has to offer him with his new single, “Locked In” featuring Kirk White & produced by Lezter. The song is the first single from his upcoming album, lowercase, set to release late March/early April. “Locked In” deals with refocusing your energy to what God has for you to pursue, locking in on your target goal, and giving it your best.

lowercase is the sequel of a two-album series, with ALLCAPS being the first release back in December. “Locked In” is the first single for this project. Trutha had this to say about his new single…

“…This song felt like the perfect message to kick off the new year with. Last year, many things distracted me in my walk with God and my personal life, so as I was writing this song, I felt God was locking me into a new zone in my purpose, and nothing will be able to hold me and my team back this year!”

Audio – Trutha – “Locked In” featuring Kirk White:

About Trutha

Bradley Chatman is a hip-hop artist from the south side of Chicago, IL. He began rapping when he was 16 with high school friends, who rapped, sang, and produced. Trutha continued to develop this gift, and at the peak of his secular music career pursuit, Jesus transformed his life and led him to make music under the CHH group Brothers of Saved Souls & Encouraging Sisters.

“Music is an area of ministry that plays an effective role in drawing people closer to God and His truth. I am very passionate about using Hip-Hop to evangelize to young people, as that is my testimony.” Over five years later, Trutha founded God First Crew to provide an avenue to continue this movement of evangelism through music.

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