September 29, 2020

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Ty Brasel – Destined For Greatness – Album Alert

Ty Brasel - Destined For Greatness - Album Alert

Dec 7th Ty Brasel’s “Destined For Greatness” has had the Christian hip-hop community buzzing! It was well worth the wait.

Ty Brasel said, “‘Destined For Greatness’ is a concept album about Satans war for my soul. It takes you on the journey of my story, through all of the ups and downs, good and evil that life brings. It’s composed of 7 unique, yet cohesive songs that paint the picture of the constant war in my mind, and the triumph that prevails. If l had to describe this project in 3 words, it would be: vulnerable, therapeutic, & introspective. l hope you find guidance & healing in the process of listening to ‘Destined For Greatness (Side A)’.”

Production was on point and the length of the album was great since EP’s have been the trending thing in Christian hip-hop. I understand about EP’s because everyone doesn’t have the funds for a full project but it was nice to hear a full project.

What was even more impressive was Ty Brasel carried a whole album with no features and he pulled it off! I can’t remember, if even if I’ve heard an 18 track album with no features, no wasted space, lyrics that kept you tuned in, encouraged,   and personal testimony on one album!

This album is Bookkeeper approved with great replay value.

Hot Tracks:

The Game, Praying Hands, 444+333 (God is Perfect), Phoenix in Exile, Shooting Star, Praying Hands II, God Son, No Escaping, Through the Fire, Greatness, All at Once

Video – Ty Brasel ”Praying Hands II”

Destined for Greatness Tracklisting:

1. At The Beginning (Side A Start)
2. The Game
3. Praying Hands
4. 444 + 333 (God Is Perfect)
5. Phoenix in Exile
6. Shooting Star
7. Shine On (Side A End)
8. The Journey (Side B Start)
9. Praying Hands II
10. Meant For Me
11. God Son
12. Across The Word (The Mission)
13. Ascending
14. Withdrawals
15. No Escaping
16. Through The Fire
17. Greatness (Album Finale)
18. All at Once

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