Gabriel – Bulletproof

Gabriel’s new song “Bulletproof” is about being in the protection of the Lord and walking in faith. Gabriel says, ”when you're in the Father's will, it’s the safest place for you to be. There's nothing or no one that can stop what God has called you to do and have. It’s a song from my latest album entitled, “Above Only”.” Audio - Gabriel -

Gabriel – Bulletproof2020-02-17T10:04:37-06:00

Pacaso Ramirez – Race Against Time

"Race Against Time" is the first single off of Pacaso Ramirez's 8 Track EP releasing in February of 2020. Blood Related artist Pacaso Ramirez says, "during our lifetime, we go through a series of lifestyles, and each lifestyle has a bit of selfishness and sole motivation to it, but there's a time in life that we have to remind ourselves that life is short,

Pacaso Ramirez – Race Against Time2020-01-07T20:15:38-06:00

JesusGang – “Rain” feat. Maino & Icon

Gospel rapper JesusGang enlists New York Legend Maino to express his blessings from God. Spreading God’s Word in Style JesusGang drops Rain featuring Maino and longtime friend Icon who helped him with some vocals. Audio - JesusGang - "Rain" feat. Maino & Icon: Connect with JesusGang Lumont “JesusGang” Deshield Short Bio: Lumont Deshield is the Founder and

JesusGang – “Rain” feat. Maino & Icon2020-01-07T06:28:57-06:00

Tendre – EKG

Christian hip hop artist Tendre releases "EKG" Audio - Tendre - "EKG": Connect with Tendre Short Bio: Tendre is a Christian Hip Hop artist out of Stockton, CA.

Tendre – EKG2020-01-05T17:33:08-06:00


KEVROCK RELEASES HIS DEBUT MIXTAPE ‘ROLLERCOASTERS’ Ruther Glen, VA - KevRock, formally known as VA Slim, had dropped his newest project ‘Rollercoasters: Dat Fiya Mixtape’ via his Bandcamp site. ‘Rollercoasters’ is a 12-track album that was created alongside Virginia based Blood Related Ent. With Executive Production from KevRock and Anthony Ramirez, along with engineering by Project Pluto, the mixtape goes far beyond simply giving

KEVROCK – ‘ROLLERCOASTERS’ MIXTAPE2020-01-04T17:22:48-06:00

Hostyle Gospel “I Am Not The One”

With the release of  "I Am Not The One", Hostyle Gospel wants to motivate fellow believers to operate in the power of their calling. Strength, confidence, and praise all the way along that journey. "I Am Not The One" challenges the world's point of view that Christian are weak because of our grace and mercy. This track puts a flag down saying, "I am

Hostyle Gospel “I Am Not The One”2020-01-29T18:05:58-06:00

James Gardin – “Parade”

Michigan recording artist James Gardin marches all over EssBe’s production. Showing a demonstration of self-love, and protecting one’s soul and mission from negativity and misery. Come join the “Parade”. Parade is the perfect anthem  to get you pumped up before a game, job interview and whatever the next thing you plan on conquering. Play this song when you feel good , play it when

James Gardin – “Parade”2020-01-03T14:23:19-06:00

Golden Goose – Crickets

Christian hip hop artist Golden Goose drops Crickets Crickets by Golden Goose Connect with Golden Goose Short Bio: I'm Caleb Burks. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ and everything else is expendable. I was born in Lansing, Michigan and currently live in the hot state of Florida. I grew up listening to Christian rap like Cross Movement and

Golden Goose – Crickets2020-01-03T12:26:02-06:00

Josiah Williams – “Love Around Me”

Josiah Williams, a Christian Hip-Hop/Rhythmic Soul artist in Orlando, FL. drops his latest single, "Love Around Me." Josiah Williams says, "while meditating on the words of Psalm 18, Josiah Williams is reminded that the love of God surrounds him at all times." Audio - Josiah Williams - "Love Around Me": Connect with Josiah Williams Short Bio: Josiah Williams

Josiah Williams – “Love Around Me”2020-01-01T17:31:17-06:00

Rapture Ready Productions/League of Their Own Releases ‘New Mecca’

RAPTURE READY PRODUCTIONS DROPS COLLABORATION PROJECT ‘NEW MECCA’ FROM LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN Baton Rouge, LA - Independent Christian Hip Hop (CHH) label, Rapture Ready Productions, announces the release of the collaborative project ‘New Mecca’ on December 31, 2019. Available across digital outlets, ‘New Mecca’ features a collection of artists known as League of Their Own (LOTO), consisting of Rapture Ready Productions artists. LOTO

Rapture Ready Productions/League of Their Own Releases ‘New Mecca’2020-01-01T15:32:12-06:00

Marqus Anthony – For My Life

Marqus Anthony "For My Life" is a thrilling, exciting dance song. Produced by Miraql3, the song gets your body moving right off the bat. Marqus Anthony drops some of his slickest flows and rhyme schemes, creating a memorable joint from beginning to end. We are going into the New Year thanking God for our lives!! Enjoy the free download! Audio - Marqus Anthony -

Marqus Anthony – For My Life2019-12-31T18:22:24-06:00

Tamale Wally – Light

Tamale Wally drops "Light" Tamale Wally says, "hope is always there. At the end of any tunnel, there is always light shining. Any amount of light in darkness makes a world of a difference. Hear my story, and become inspired and hope-filled." Audio - Tamale Wally - "Light": Connect with Tamale Wally

Tamale Wally – Light2019-12-29T16:42:16-06:00

Man Of FAITH Run It Remix (feat. Jessica Mechell)

Man Of FAITH drops new single, "Run It" Remix (feat. Jessica Mechell) Man Of FAITH of Faith In Action Records is back with his latest single featuring Jessica Mechell and they are letting the world know who the RUNNING for! Audio - Man Of FAITH Run It Remix (feat. Jessica Mechell): Run It Remix is Available on All Major Outlets:

Man Of FAITH Run It Remix (feat. Jessica Mechell)2019-12-21T19:49:42-06:00

B. Cooper x Foure – Need To Know

B. Cooper & Foure dish on life lessons they wish they'd learned sooner on "Need To Know" Everybody has a journey. I am grateful for the things I have had to go through in life. That being said, there are a lot of things that I wish I knew about life at a younger age. There are so many lessons that are #NeedToKnow no

B. Cooper x Foure – Need To Know2019-12-20T12:03:14-06:00

MeechReal – More Than My Past – Podcast

Episode 68 “More Than My Past” MeechReal makes Disney Holy Our Humble host uses the story line from Iron Man 3 to y’all about shedding past persona’s , creating idols because where I’m patient and more. He also has a in-depth Let’s Talk about it Segment where he talks about the Death of 21 year artist JuiceWrld as well as Mike Vick being petitioned

MeechReal – More Than My Past – Podcast2019-12-15T19:56:45-06:00

Season One | Ep. 12: gitemjay/Emcee N.I.C.E. – Podcast

Season One | Ep. 12: gitemjay/Emcee N.I.C.E. - Podcast by FIVEtwenty Collective! Check out the season finally from FIVEtwenty collective podcast as they have a recap of their first full season brought to you on Trackstarz Podcasting Network! "Where music meets MINISTRY and the indie artist takes center stage." Details on Podcast: On Season One | Ep. 12 of the FiveTwenty Collective Podcast: •

Season One | Ep. 12: gitemjay/Emcee N.I.C.E. – Podcast2019-12-15T17:59:03-06:00

Capa – Love – Music Audio

Capa drops "Love" off his album entitled, "I Stand Alone!" Award-winning National Recording Holy Hip Hop artist Capa releases "Love." Capa recorded secular hip hop for 2 decades before he submitted to God's calling on his life! Audio - Capa - "Love": Connect with Capa Follow Capa on Soundclick BIO My name is Brian Young, Stage name CAPA. Capa originally

Capa – Love – Music Audio2019-12-14T21:53:50-06:00

Bro Calderon – Only Home

Bro Calderon Latest Single "Only Home" is an Anthem! {Hype Drill type Song} Produced two months ago by Bro Calderon Song is about God being the only loyal friend when everyone abandons you and backbites and spreads rumors but God remains faithful through all of it! Audio - Bro Calderon - "Only Home": Connect with Bro Calderon

Bro Calderon – Only Home2019-12-14T19:15:36-06:00


THE DRIP IS JUST GETTING STARTED DEBUT SINGLE “HONEYCOMB” FROM gitemjay AVAILABLE NOW! Pacific Northwest - The voice may sound the same, but the brand has been overhauled as Christian Hip Hop artist gitemjay, formally Jus Josef, takes his craft to the next level. The first example of the growth that gitemjay has experienced over the past year comes in the form of the

DEBUT SINGLE “HONEYCOMB” FROM gitemjay AVAILABLE NOW!2020-01-30T08:03:14-06:00

Armond WakeUp & Ess Be “Woke”

Armond WakeUp & Ess Be drop some serious wisdom in "Woke!” As we approach 2020, we are in one of the most important times in history. Concepts, ideas & traditions that have been accepted for generations have been brought into question. Our culture is redefining itself, its purpose & its motivations. As we redefine, Armond WakeUp asks his own questions with Woke. In this song,

Armond WakeUp & Ess Be “Woke”2019-12-06T13:47:33-06:00
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