October 29, 2020


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Uzuhan – Mung Beans and Tofu – Music Video

Uzuhan - Mung Beans and Tofu - Music Video

“Mung Beans and Tofu” is a song hoping to bridge the gap between first generation immigrant parents and second generation Korean American (3rd culture) children. In this record, Uzuhan explores the meaning and context behind a commonly asked question in Korean households: “did you eat yet?”

For Korean parents this phrase resonates deeply – it’s not merely rote repetition. It was a way to check on friends, during their time of immense poverty, to see if they were doing alright physically, mentally, and spiritually. Uzuhan shows this perspective to give his parents’ generation a voice – an opportunity to teach. He writes this song in hopes that 3rd culture kids, like himself, will take time to listen, learn, and love the legacy they come from.

Video: Uzuhan “Mung Beans and Tofu”

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