October 1, 2020


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Vessel Piece – Heaven Not for Thug

Vessel Piece - Heaven Not for Thug

Vessel Piece addresss one of the biggest lies in the hip-hop with “Heaven Not for Thugs!”

“Heaven Not For Thugs” is addressing the misconception in the world, particularly the black community, if you live anyway you want and die that there’s a heaven for a thug or gangster which is very false.

Vessel Piece also addresses in the single that just being good and moral outside of Christ is false because all human works are filthy rags to God outside of Jesus.

Audio – Vessel Piece – “Heaven Not for Thug“:

Parental Advisory Warning:

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Christopher Dale Woodard know as Vessel Piece (formerly known as C-Dubb) is a Christian rap artist from Greensboro North Carolina.

Vessel Piece wasn’t always using his lyrics to glorify God formerly being a secular rap artist, and living a lifestyle very contrary to the one his lives now.

He says “I was a slave to sin, and the street life and only Jesus could set me free, which he did for me in 2014, after I was released from prison.

Now that God is with me and in me I use my gifts & talents to glorify Christ and to sow seeds to those who are stuck in the streets and dead in there sins, as well as to edify his sheep through music and my lifestyle”.

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