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BY Alvin Hall & Daryl Kemp


This was a very great project by Viktory! From the productions to the lyrics you can’t deny that he put a lot of prayer, time, effort and thought into this album. Viktory covers a wide range of topics on “Tomorrow Came” and was very consistent in the theme of the album. From spirituality, social pressure, economics, racism, civil rights, discrimination, police brutality, dreams, goals, love and much more he didn’t leave any topic uncovered for the listener.

Hot Tracks: Lunch Tables, 1968, Stargaze, So Good, Letter to God

Guest Appearances: Ashliann, Erica Campbell, Wesley Smith, Dave James, Alyssa Wade & Dave James 

The intro was brilliant, by taking top news stories in the nation and migrating them into the intro. It lays out the theme for the album and never backs down from there.

The next song called “Lunch Tables” is one of my favorites. When I listen to it I can’t help but think of all the pressure our young kids have to go through trying to find themselves in this society we live in.

I remember my daughter was six, she came home crying and pleading to my wife about how she wanted braids with extensions. She wanted her hair to be long like her friends at daycare and school. She said, “My hair has to be long or my friends will not like me anymore.”

My wife told her that she was beautiful the way she was and if your friends don’t like you because of how you look then they are not real friends. Then she told her how much we loved her and how much God loved her no matter what her friends thought of her. Then we gave her the biggest group hug we could.

Next my wife washed and did her hair. Then she dressed her up and made her stand in front of our mirror and told her how beautiful she was. Then she made my daughter say how beautiful she was and my daughter began to smile!

What a moment and break through for my daughter! Now she knows Jesus loves her regardless of how she looks to society.  She knows we love her no matter what! Now she is rocking an all natural hair due and her self esteem has been reassured that she can always sit at our Lunch Table.

The song Lunch Tables has ministered to me. It has given me some sound advice that I tell my kids all the time now, “you don’t have to be anything more than you are because you are enough for me, you know I love you the way that you are and you are welcome at my table.”

Watch: “Lunch Tables”

1968 is another ground breaker that anybody can hear the passion in Viktory’s lyrics and identify with every issue he boldly expresses in his lyrics! The way 1968 comes on sends chills up my spine.

“Why wont you love me, like I want to love you. Why can’t we just be what we should do what we came to do.”

Viktory paints every corner of racial equality in this song and leaves no room for disagreement. Police 1968 Timelineracial profiling and killing our black men. White on black crime and black on black crime.  The title says it all because of what we went through as a nation in 1968 was tremendous.

The song makes me look at how far we’ve come but still how far we have to go! Where is the love? Where is the compassion? Where is the unity? It’s sad to say but Viktory may loose some fans for this one even though it’s not a racist song. I’m just glad God put it on his heart and he listened to God by releasing this track.

Spinnin: This track is an absolute “head banga”.  This song shows Viktory’s versatility as an artist. Not only can he talk about heavy topics as racism and social acceptance, but he has the range to make songs with a good vibe that we can all just ride too.  This song encourages people of all coasts to go hard, go hustle, and work hard for the Lord.

Another hot track that rounds out the album is, “Stargaze“.  Viktory quotes and old Jay Z lyric when talking about his mom. “She used to hold me, told me I was the best, anything in this world, I wanted, I could possess…” Viktory’s flow on this song is amazing. The beat is the perfect tempo for Viktory’s rhyming pattern and style. This song is a classic motivational track for all people, especially Christians.


I have to give Viktory a round of applause on “Tomorrow Came” because he was bold in speaking out on tough topics most Christians stay away from publicly. I feel this album was done well with grace, humility and love.   Viktory flowed his views out over hot tracks and very good production!

This album is most definitely Bookkeeper approved!

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