September 22, 2020

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William Pippins – “The Obituary“ Album Alert

William Pippins - “The Obituary“ Album Alert

Huge Announcement! William Pippins recently released his first album titled ‘The Obituary”.

This album is a full 13 track project filled with amazing artist/friends of William Pippins. William started working on this album around June 2018 and in this album he openly speaks about the season he encountered beginning his walk with Jesus and the decisions/situations he experienced in his past as far as his early childhood.

What’s amazing is the entire project is inspired by the scriptures of Ezekiel 37, When the Man of God was asked by God “Could these Dry Bones Live”.

Through out the album William Pippins prays that The Obituary helps listeners to overcome fear, doubt and pain due to the affairs of life. William Pippins says, “I pray that my project encourages listeners to speak life to the dead areas and to grow from trauma or life changing experiences.”

William Pippins “The Obituary” is on All Major Outlets:

William Pippins “The Obituary” Track Listing:

Release Date – 5.3.2019

  1. We’ll See
  2. Understand?
  3. Like Stars (feat. Li & Image)
  4. Still Voice (feat. Will Kellum)
  5. Affirmation
  6. Memory Lane
  7. Do Better (feat. King Silxs)
  8. The Wave
  9. The Beauty
  10. God’s Will (feat. Demo Freeman) [Demo]
  11. Yesterday
  12. The Burials
  13. The War?

Short Bio:

William Pippins, is a 23 year old rapper from Dayton, Ohio. His been making music for about 4-5 years now. Willam is a Christian Rapper and has been featured on Rapzilla, TrackStarz and Other Christian Hip-Hop Blogs and Music Sites.

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