In partnership with ENOCH FLOW RECORDS, a feature from Tre’Gadd and production from Derek Minor Xay Hill is back and he wants you to be “CLEAR” that he is free!

Description of the Song:

Xay Hill says “I got this image of a transparent cup of dirty water. Then I realized this cup was me without the blood of Jesus. The murk in the water is depression, addiction, thoughts of suicide, temptation, just anything that’s a struggle or makes you feel dirty.

Then suddenly the water turned clear, and that was God saying, ”you’re all good! My blood has made you clear!” In laymen terms, the song is saying, “I AM FREE, I AM PAID FOR BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS, AND I AM BOASTING IN THAT FREEDOM!”

Audio – Xay Hill – ”Clear” feat. Tre’Gadd (produced by Derek Minor):